Dream Without Sleep's new album is coming out July 6th. To celebrate we are having a free album release show at Inkling's in Pleasanton. After six years of writing songs, three years of working on the production, we are so grateful and honored that we get to share this with you. 

  2. FINE
  7. 3 AM 
  9. BETHEL 

Come join us in celebrating this. It will be a night to remember.

I love you xoxo

Bert John 




"All our shows are secret shows..."

Hello you! It's good to see you again. I wanted to update you on what we've been up to recently. January 1st, 2018 marked our 3 year anniversary of Dream Without Sleep! Our first show ever was one we threw ourselves on January 1st, 2015. All the parties have ended by the first, and when the inevitable hangover wears off, you're left with nothing to do. 

We took this opportunity to perform our first show for a handful of people. It was loud, rambunctious, and oh so much fun. We decided that we wanted to do something to honor some of the people that have been with us over the last few years. 

We came up with the idea of throwing a "secret show" for some close friends and it was a wonderful celebration for us. We got to experience a more intimate stripped down set, debuting some new songs before getting to hang out with the people who've allowed us to make this dream possible over the last few years. 

I just want to express how grateful I am for the last three years. We've been able to play all over the bay, and getting to play on a few main stages in San Francisco which is a dream come true and is still crazy to think about. I don't know where this music is taking us, but I want to let you know that I've been blessed by every moment of this. 

Our record is currently being mixed and mastered and I will let you know as soon as I have info on when you get to listen to it.

I love you so. xoxo

Bert John





Hello everyone!

I hope you are doing wonderful right now. I have so many announcements for you today. 

"For Free?"

The first is that for those of you without Spotify and Apple Music, I wanted to give you a way to listen to the music we've released so far. I know money is tight right now for everyone and I don't want that to be a hinderance for you to listen to Dream Without Sleep. I uploaded our singles "Fine" & "Change is Getting the Best of Me" onto Bandcamp and Soundcloud for your convenience. I know for sure you can download it off Bandcamp for free, I think you maybe able to as well for Soundcloud, but there is a cap on the free downloads on Soundcloud.

You can find those here:



3 AM Release Date

Next to hold you over until our album is finished, "3AM" is releasing December 12th on Apple Music and Spotify!!! This is the last song from the recordings we did last year from Hume Lake Studios. I'm so happy to share it with you finally. If you've been to one of our shows you know it's a staple of the live set. It's so fun to play. Also my dear friend Kelsi Breznik modeled for the photo for that, so a major thank you for her.  Which leads me to the last thing I want to talk about today.

The Importance of Tyler Brown 

I'm also sad to say that "3 AM" is the last recording Tyler Brown will be featured on as he stepped down from Dream Without Sleep. If you've only listened to our music and are not familiar with us personally, Tyler is the badass responsible for iconic lead guitar solos like the one found in "Fine" and the upcoming "3 AM". He stepped down from the band a few months ago, with AJ Manalaysay graciously jumping in to fill the role of lead guitar at live shows. I meant to make an official announcement that Tyler was stepping down, but it kept getting pushed back, mostly because we were so sad to lose him as a band member.

There wouldn't be a Dream Without Sleep without Tyler Brown. I don't know what I would actually be doing now without him. Tyler was one of my first friends that really introduced me to music. He has always been talented on the guitar, with a style that is both classic and reverent of a bygone age of rock, but somehow remains a fresh breath of air with an originality that only Tyler can bring. I was captivated by his talent when I first started hanging out with him.

I wanted to be a musician like him so badly. When I told him this, he seemed to see something in me that nobody else did, because he took a chance on me. He became a member of a band with someone that knew two chords and was pitchy as hell. He never even seemed annoyed with my lack of skill, he just always gave off the presence that he believed in me and that he knew that I had the capacity to grow and learn and evolve. Brandon, Tyler, myself, and our friend Andrew Carrero formed a band called the Last Call, and each of them poured out their time and energy into the band and me. 

I literally would not be doing this thing I love today, if Tyler had not believed in me back then. 

He was a valuable band member with his immense talent, and he is an invaluable, irreplaceable friend who has shaped my life. 

So I hope you feel a quarter of the joy that I do every time you hear the "3 AM" solo.

Because thank God, for Tyler Brown.

I love you all xoxo

Bert John 



New Debut Album in the Works

Hello Everyone,

I hope this post finds you at a time you are doing well. Dream Without Sleep is coming up on our third anniversary of being a local band January 1st. We are very excited to tell you that we are hard at work in the studio right now on our debut album.

The album will be entitled, "Dreams & Nightmares"

It will be featuring 11 songs, some new to you, some very familiar.

  1. Overture
  2. Fine
  3. Change is Getting the Best of Me
  4. Least of Me
  5. Grand Contradiction (Love & Lust)
  6. Nahanni (Feat. Kelsi Sasser)
  7. 3 AM
  8. Dreams & Nightmares
  9. Bethel
  10. Reprise (Want & Need) (Also Feat. Kelsi Sasser)
  11. Hope & Despair (Jesus at the Party) 

Some of these songs date back six years, some as recent as this year. Jake, Alex, Brandon, Tyler (though he is not active in the band he was an inspiration) , and I have poured our time and love into this and I hope you thoroughly enjoy it. It's been such a blessing to me to get to work with these talented guys on something so intimate to me. They are each a gift, and each sonically and personally bring something so unique to the band. 

I wish I had more news for you. Like a release date. Or when we are going to have our big show to really welcome "Dreams & Nightmares" into the world. 

But I can tell you we are beyond excited to show it to you. And as soon as I have more info you will be the first to know. Expect it in January or February. 

Until then, 

"Fine" & "Change is Getting the Best of Me" is on Spotify and Apple Music.

And "3 AM" will be joining them shortly December 12th.

Thank you for listening. You are the reason we get to do this. 

I love you xoxo

- Bert John

Dream Without Sleep